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  1. I need some help.
    I'm trying to publish my site (created with Visual Studio 2005), but when I try to connect to Winhost I get the following error:

    "Unable to open Web <name of my website>. The Web server does not appear to have the FrontPage server extension installed."

    I read an article that mentioned that FrontPage isn't in use anymore, and that I'd have to use FTP to upload my files, but when I try to view my site all I see is the HTML and not the designed page.

    Any help would be appreciated....

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  2. Ray


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  3. Thanks for the feedback, Ray. I did everything the article suggests, however I'm unsure how to view the site. When I go to the URL all I see is the HTML, not the designed page. What URL am I supposed to use?
  4. Ray


    Well I really don't know. What is your domain name?
  5. The domain name is, and I'm trying variations of the URL, but so far no luck.
  6. Ray


    You should be using as the server name. What is the error you are getting?
    Also make sure you clicked on Passive Mode. If you have already done that, try unchecking it.
    FTP is often disrupted by the persons firewall, anti virus, or even router. As a test try to bypass them and connect directly to the internet.

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