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Discussion in 'Email' started by Dralger, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. So I've tried to set up a little test site with a simple email button that links to a local account through SmarterMail. I would then like for that local account to forward the email to an outside (non Winhost) email account.

    However I cannot seem to get it to work, I see this message when trying to set up forwarding:

    NOTE: This domain is configured with the following Forwarding Exclusions rule: Do not forward Spam Level Medium and above

    All the information I find referring to this tidbit seems to point at a 'Technical' tab on the SmarterMail settings:

    I do not seem to actually have this settings area anywhere. Is this something that can only be changed if you are running your own SmarterMail setup and therefore not possible on Winhost?
  2. That's a server admin option on our end, so you won't have access to it. It's very important for us to not forward spam to any other servers, because that gets our mail servers blacklisted, which is bad news for everyone.
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  3. Followup question on this. I have a case where I'm trying to forward PayPal payment notification emails from one account within our domain to another. Unfortunately, this has stopped working, and my theory is that these emails are considered SPAM-LOW. Would the solution for this be to add as a trusted sender? If not, how can I get this working (or at least debug why it's not working)?
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    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Hi Dan,

    Yes. Adding the address as a trusted sender should work.
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  5. Elshadriel,

    Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to have solved the problem. I tried making PayPal a safe sender in both the domain and the account that receives the PayPal messages. Unfortunately, the message still are not forwarding.

    Should I open a ticket for this?
  6. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Hi Dan,

    Yes, open a ticket. We can check the logs to see what might be happening.

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