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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by davidmclusa, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. OK -- I'm suspect this might get some heat, but here goes...

    How about adding MySQL as a database option.

    Yep, it's another 'platform' to support, but with the latest rounds of .NET connectors actually working well, MySQL is truly a .NET database.

    And for some of us who still have to do about 20% PHP/MySQL work ( shudder :eek: ) it makes your service even more appealing.

    Just a thought...

  2. Ray


    MySQL is difficult to support with an infrastructure that is Micorsoft base. First off a new server will have to be implemented. This is just for MySQL. Then we will have to integrate it in our control panel. Then obviously the staff will have to be trained to support it. Lastly, what drivers need to be installed on the web server to properly connect to the MySQL server. From my understanding MySQL drivers are not standardized. Also from what I heard Oracle maybe looking to implementing licensing fees to use MySQL so even that is going to be a variable in licensing fees.
  3. Well, the main issue, and one of the things Ray mentioned, is support. We don't have real deep MySQL expertise in-house, and based on what we've seen elsewhere, the MySQL business wouldn't support that additional staff.

    That doesn't mean it will never happen, though. ;) It is just not in the current plans.
  4. Sigh...

    I figured that it would be a long-shot -- but I had to ask.

    what -- don't you trust Ellison?? -- LOL


  5. Yeah, that's just part of it though. The main thing is being able to confidently and competently support it. We don't want to offer something that we kind of know how to manage.
  6. Hi,

    As MySQL is the most widely-used open-source database in the world, it seems a strange decision for Winhost not to support it. The fact that Winhost is Microsoft-based shouldn't make any difference - Winhost supports php and that isn't a Microsoft product. Adding an extra server shouldn't cause much in the way of problems, nor should installing the MySQL ODBC - I think that it comes in about 4 different flavours but each is clearly marked.

    Similarly, I wasn't aware that Oracle had an interest in MySQL, so I'm not sure about Oracle licensing MySQL - I thought that MySQL was an independent (Swedish) organisation (albeit with regional operating divisions), but I may be wrong.

    However, I can see that providing ongoing support might be a problem if staff are not well-versed in MySQL, and that there would be a need to determine a system & strategy for billing (eg what price per 1gb space or whatever), but these will be necessary whenever any new feature is added. I would've thought that MySQL is certainly in the top 5 features that any web host should offer - after all, it is the most widely-used open-source database in the world.

    For Winhost not to offer MySQL is like a new car manufacturer saying that they don't provide reclining seats because they have no experience in making them - even though reclining seats are not a required safety feature, sales would be slow because people expect reclining seats, and want reclining seats.

    I'm not a MySQL expert - I'm currently trying to work out how to connect to my remote MySQL database from Winhost - and I have no axe to grind, whether against Winhost or in favour of MySQL - I just think that it's a mistake in any web host's business strategy not to support MySQL.

    Would it not be possibile to outsource the MySQL requirement to a third party if it currently not possible for Winhost to train its own staff in MySQL?
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  7. Just noticed a link to Oracle & Oracle copyright claim on the bottom of MySQL's support pages, so I guess that you are correct about Oracle's interest in/ownership of MySQL.
  8. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Sun bought MySQL. Then Oracle bought Sun. So now Oracle owns MySQL.
  9. Why would you even go for PHP/MySQL when ASP.NET/Microsoft SQL Server is so much easier to setup, use and manage.

    I have used the both of them a lot and i found ASP.NET to be a lot more effecient.
  10. We don't outsource anything, so 'no' to that. And it isn't an issue of training, it's an issue of expertise.

    As I said, we don't want to offer something that we kind of know how to manage. We don't want to be in the position of taking people's money and providing half-assed support of a core component, and that's where we would be right now with MySQL. We could do it, and everything would be fine - you know, as long as everything was running fine. But when there was a problem, we (and you) would be at a disadvantage.

    You should be glad that we know what we're capable of and admit our limitations. ;) Most other hosts throw stuff out there and worry about potential problems later.
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  11. Personally, I find your general attitute here to be very encouraging, not to mention refreshing. Over the years, I've been with countless hosts - some good, some not so good. The one thing that was typically missing was as honest accessment of their capabilities. Let's face it, no one knows everything about everything. Even MS, with their plethora of employees, has been know to release some questionable software :)

    A few weeks ago, I started searching for Windows hosting for a web-based app I was developing for my employer. Had I needed a linux host, I woudn't have had a problem finding one - I've had good experience with several - but I've only had experience with one other asp host (I'm sure you can guess which one). I happened to find Winhost and set up an account with a throw-away domain that I had, just to check it out.

    To be honest, I was a little leery about the cost - seemed too good to be true - but, so far, I've been pleasantly surprised. In fact, I went ahead and set up hosting for this app, which should go live in the next few days.

    What really convinced me to settle here wasn't so much the price or performance (which are both good), but the open and honest responses to the posts in this forum.
  12. They used to say that in favour of BetaMax rather than VHS in the late 70s, but the world followed VHS because it was good enough and cost less.

    Php is free, and MySQL is free, although acquisition cost isn't the real issue for me. It's the fact that web hosts can provide it at less cost - just look at the price differential between Windows & Linux hosting/servers on most web hosts - and it is therefore more universal than ASP.NET/Microsoft SQL Server.

    I've never used ASP.NET/Microsoft SQL Server so I can't comment on how easy they may be to use.

    Well I don't know about the other hosts but I respect your decision only to offer what you feel you can properly support.
  13. Thanks! It's easier this way, in the long run, and better for us and you.

    Well, you're in the right place to try them...

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