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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nadeem, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    We have set up a new MAX account, but we also would like to request the following feature:

    A database management tool that allows uploading and downloading backup files (.bak).It is slow to export a whole DB into plain T-SQL, especially if it is large in size. It is also very slow to build it again on your server. With backup files it takes only a couple of seconds.

    Currently, If I backup my DB, I won't be able to download backup files, which I need to use on my development servers. You can create your own tool for this, or I recommend this one My Little Backup

    I hope you consider this
  2. Ray


    Thanks for the suggestion, this has been brought up before and our management and product development team are looking at this request and how we can offer this feature to our customers. I'm afraid however at this time I cannot offer you a definitive answer if this feature will be incorporated or when it will be incorporated.
  3. I'd just like to add my vote for this feature..

    1) Do a DB backup to a pre-defined ftp accessible location & auto-zip the .bak file for download

    2) And the reverse, upload a .bak file & do a restore

    3) Smile more
  4. Hang in there. This is on the near horizon...
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  6. You make my day!

    First backup done!

    Edited: but I don't find it... Where is the App_data folder?
  7. Ok, I had to create the App_Data folder before backup the database...

    I tried two o three time without creating the folder and all of them reported "Backup MS SQL 2008 database success" but it weren't. After manually creating the App_Data folder... Everything worked fine
  8. Hmm, okay. My understanding was the directory would be created. I will check into it.

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