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  1. I just opened a ticket asking about FastCGI and found out you don't support it. I was wondering if this is something you are considering adding in the future. I think the discrepancies mentioned in the response below have been resolved. MS seems to be onboard, it's offered in their WPI and they have a site for PHP. I know from experience it runs a lot faster in fastcgi and with wincache. Not sure if wincache works with isapi or if that is installed as well.

    [Posting helpdesk ticket excerpts is not allowed.]
  2. There is nothing in the pipeline right now.

    But we're always considering a lot of things, so I wouldn't say 'never.'
  3. We're actually going to be scoping this out, as FastCGI can perform a lot better for PHP applications. There were some bugs in an earlier release which made us hesitate putting it in our live environments, but I think most of these issues have been addressed.

    Everything has to go through rigorous testing before we put it on live environments however, but hopefully all this will be sooner than later.

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