Everyone might check their outgoing e-mail

Discussion in 'Email' started by Ron Bond, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. I just discovered that I have had no outgoing e-mail for the last week. I thought it strange that no one had responded to my e-mails with my replies in them. Discovered this morning that even though my SmarterMail shows that e-mails are going out, they are not being delivered to any domain other than my own.

    Needless to say I am furious and I have a support ticket open, but it is still yet unassigned, even though I feel this is completely unacceptable. What am I paying for if there is no monitoring or anything to determine when there is an issue and at least notify me of it? I found out just by chance and now that I have confirmed (by using another e-mail service) that there is a problem and determined it has been at least a week since emails I sent were delivered, still my ticket is unassigned.

    So I would check to make sure what you have really sent this week really left your domain and was, in fact, delivered to the intended recipients.

    Ron Bond
  2. So somehow I got flagged as spam, my whole domain all of a sudden in the past week it seems. I have been a customer of winhost for several years and now all of a sudden, I am flagged as spam and no notice, no errors, nothing, except me finally going, "why does it seem that no one is seeing my responses?"

    Also, no explanation, which is unacceptable.
  3. Well I just got an explanation (it was someone else's fault), but it was something. Still no way to know for sure if you e-mails are getting delivered or not. SmarterMail showed that I had lots of outbound e-mails, so even that was not reporting accurately. Seems it has to do with something outside of winhost after they leave the controlled sites.

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