Error loading msvcr120.dll (ErrorCode: 5)

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  1. I have a ASP 4.6.1 app which talks to an Azure MS SqlServer DB. The app makes use of the MSSqlServer Types for version 12 (2014) of MSSql Server, which I have installed using a NuGet package into my WebApp project.

    After I WebDeploy to Winhost I'm getting the error message 'Error loading msvcr120.dll (ErrorCode: 5)' in my Global Application On_Start method which loads the native assemblies depending on the platform (x86 or x64).

    Everything works fine on my local machine and a test site on Azure. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it won't work on Winhost?
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    Can you open a support ticket on this issue. Our tech team will need to look into this further.
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  3. My problem was resolved by downloading msvcr120.dll manually. It sounds like your problem is pretty much the same thing. Just make sure that you choose correct version of dll according to you system. Or maybe there could be a system file corruption on your computer. So if it happens again try performing a SFC scan and check if the issue persist.
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  4. Most of the dll errors can be solved by using any PC repair tool. Just scan the PC and repair it. Also sometimes it can be fixed by downloading the dll files.. In this case download dll file from and replace it.

  5. Have you got the genuine answer?
  6. Thank MCl for your answer. It is helpful for me.

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