Error in deploying the project...

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  1. Hi...
    After deploying my project... When I enter the url I am getting this error...

    [To Parent Directory]

    9/24/2010 6:15 PM 455 About.aspx
    9/24/2010 6:15 PM <dir> Account
    9/24/2010 6:15 PM <dir> bin
    9/24/2010 6:15 PM 106 Global.asax
    9/24/2010 6:15 PM 38205 MainPage.aspx
    9/24/2010 6:16 PM <dir> Scripts
    9/24/2010 6:15 PM 2203 Site.Master
    9/24/2010 6:16 PM <dir> Styles
    9/24/2010 6:16 PM <dir> Validations
    9/24/2010 6:15 PM 2002 Web.config

    why it could be,,,??:confused:
  2. Ray


    This is not an error, you simply do not have a startup page.

    Try this. Connect to our server using IIS 7 Manager. Here is the kb article for it.

    Once you are connected, go to the button Default Docs.

    I am assuming you want the startup page to be About.aspx. In Default Docs, type About.aspx at the top of the list. If you do not want the directory listing to show up when you do not have a startup page, in IIS 7 Manager you will see a botton called Directory Browsing. Go there and set it to disable or I believe the setting is False and you will not get a directory listing when you do not have a start up for IIS to display.
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