Enable HTTP Keep Alive:Lock violation

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  1. Hi

    I would like to enable Keep alive option in HTTP response header

    IIS 7 -> http response headers (under IIS panel)
    --> Set common headers
    --> Enable http keep alive

    Lock violation

    any solution?
  2. Ray


    We cannot support this being that it is a shared hosting environment. Exactly what are you trying to accomplish that would require you to have this?
  3. Is this still the case? (I just received a lock when I tried to change and Googled and found this). I have a need to make sure the server is alive to insure time sensitive service alerts are completed. The only alternative would be to have an external server do frequent pings to the iis server to make sure it stays alive. Given that the HTTP keep-alive option exists, it would be a better solution, both in reliability and to keep unnecessary traffic from occurring. Thanks.
  4. Yes Unfortunately it is still not supported. If you are on Ultimate plan, you can make use of Task scheduler feature in the control panel of which execution time can be set on minute increment. Set a scheduled task every 15 min (under 20 min) and there you have keep alive session

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