Email Signing with DKIM

Discussion in 'Email' started by Alex Kintner, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Hello,
    I have two questions about Email Signing with DKIM.

    1. Does my domain need to support HTTPS (secure http) in order to use Email Signing and add a DKIM TXT record to my Domain. (my domain is HTTP, not HTTPS)

    2. I have a domain web app that use the C# SmtpClient command to send an occasional email to a user. The app SmtpClient Host property is set to that is listed in my winhost website control panel. Do I need to set any properties on the C# SmtpClient to specify the DKIM encryption key? Are there any special SmtpClient Credential properties that need to be set to enable DKIM?

    PS. I have read the KB article on DKIM setup and understand it. I just doesn't answer my questions above.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Figured it out. Here's the answers for posterity...
    #1 Website with NO SSL certificate works fine with Smartermail DKIM.
    #2 No special C# SmtpClient Credential properties are required. Smartermail handles it.
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