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    Does Winhost support email POP3 over SSL?

    I don't like sending email passwords in the clear over the Internet.

    If it is of any help, I would have a dedicated SSL cert on a MAX plan ...
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    I'm sorry but we don't support POP3 over SSL at this point.

    You can add an SSL Certificate for your web site on the Max and Ultimate plan. Please read our knowledge base article on how to add an SSL Certificate here:

    Please note that the SSL Certificate will only be for your web site and not the email service. This is because the email server and web server are separated and there isn't a way for you to install an SSL Certificate on the email server for your hosting account.
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    I understand my SSL cert is only for my web site.

    My current web host provider has a their own SSL cert on the email POP3 server, and I use it to connect fro Incoming email.


    So, all your customers could securely connect to their email this way.

    Can you do the same?
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  4. Like mentioned previously we do not support SSL connections over POP3 and SMTP, so you will not be able to setup an Outlook connection to your mail server here using SSL.

    However, there is a certificate installed on the mail servers, so you will be able to access the web based SmarterMail email client via a HTTPS connection so that communication with them email server is encrypted.

    Once you have your hosting account and your domain name is pointed to us you can use a URL something like the following:

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    I can't understand why Winhost will not support this; given that you can get an SSL cert for less than $29 (at wholesale cost), whereby all Winhost customers can use a shared cert on the email server - other hosts do this.

    If we cannot use Outlook to connect to POP3 over SSL, then we cannot migrate across to Winhost.
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  6. Primarily because there isn't sufficient demand for it, and secondarily because the cost to benefit ratio for implementing POP over SSL is very lopsided. Meaning the gain in protection, such as it is, isn't worth what it would take in terms of our development and implementation time. We have to balance every change we make or feature we add against what the cost is to implement that change or feature. To characterize implementing POP over SSL as something trivial that can be done for the cost of an SSL certificate isn't really taking the big picture into account.

    If that's a deal-breaker for anyone, I'm sorry, and that's a shame. We don't like to turn anyone away. But we can't (and don't want to) be everything to everyone. We can't accommodate every request, and meet every need, as much as we'd like to.
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