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  1. This should be an easy question to answer. I have heard of problems with slow email delivery on Winhost. I could only find one such claim on the internet where the client mentioned something about Smartermail and Graylisting causing slowdowns in the range of 30 mins to 90 min lateness. I would like to setup an account for a client of mine on Winhost. Are there any problems with emails taking a long time to arrive that anyone has experienced

    The classic scenario that must be met is that you are on the telephone an you need to email someone a file. It needs to arrive immediately for life to continue smoothly.

    Please reply as this information is a huge selling point that would make or break anyones faith in any host.

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    I don't recommend turning off greylisting because it is very effective.

    I have an email domain that i've been using since 1996 and I get about 300 spam per day. I enabled grey listing and the number reduced to about 50.

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