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    I currently am hosting my site on blue host now and they have a really good email system which I want to keep

    But I also wish to host the website on your site would this be possible

    Could I do both
  2. You would need to contact blue host and see if they will let you keep the email service only. If so, you can point the name servers for your domain to us and change the MX records for your domain using our DNS manager to point to blue host.

    You can us any email service you would like with our hosting service, you do not have to use ours. We just include it in the package since most of our clients to not already have their email hosted elsewhere.
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    I should also add the following:

    If you plan to use our SMTP service on our mail server for your web application and you try to send an email message to one of your email users (Same domain name we host) then the email message will never be received by the other mail server. This is because SmarterMail (The email system we use) will first check to see if we have the domain name listed (locally within SmarterMail) and try to send the email message from within.

    So in other words if you want to use an SMTP service for your web application hosted on our server. You may want to use a different SMTP service that doesn't belong to us.

    You could still use our SMTP service. You just wont be able to send to your own email users.

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