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  1. I am new to all of this. Got my wordpress site installed on Winhost today, but it looks totally different from the way I had it designed. I don't know what happened and not sure how to log in to fix it. I assume I do that through Winhost someow?

    Here is my site now that is all messed up: www.catholictravelblog.com
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  2. Normally you log in here, www.catholictravelblog.com/wp-admin/, but it looks like your wp-config.php file needs to be updated before you'll be able to log in.

    All the links on that page are looking for /wordpress but it looks like you installed WordPress in the root directory, rather than in the /wordpress directory...
  3. Thanks

    The guy at Winhost told me it needed to be installed in the root directory. In fact, he did it for me.
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  4. Tabitha

    Tabitha WinHost HBIC

    This was resolved (hopefully permanently), a support ticket was opened.

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