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  1. Hello! I was informed by Winhost that they do not offer E-Commerce. I was wondering what I should do if I wanted to build a basic website(which I already have built) but add a link so when people click it, they will go to another page where they can make purchases from my store like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and so on.

    Thanks a ton. :)
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  2. Elshadriel

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    You can install one of the eCommerce packages (nopCommerce or Shopping Cart .NET) through the App Installer tool in the Control Panel.
  3. ComputerMan

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    We have instructions on how to set up a nopCommerce web application using our App Install here: https://support.Winhost.com/kb/a1213/app-installer-how-to-setup-nopcommerce.aspx

    However, make sure you don't install it on the root of the site account since this will delete your current site on the root. You can install it into a subdirectory that you're not using.

    Also, learn how to use nopCommerce be searching around on the internet by using terms like "How to use nopCommerce". Or going on youtube and just by searching the term "nopCommerce". Search around. There is a lot of other e commerce web sites you can use with our hosting environment.
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