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  1. I realize Winhost doesn't offer DNN support per se but I wonder if anyone can give me some feedback.

    I've installed DNN on my site and it works fine, with one exception, DNN is painfully slow. I've done quite a few tweaks to the install and uninstalled all unnecessary modules but it still takes about 10+ seconds to go to a new page every time I click on a link.

    Does anyone have any tips on how I can speed my site up?

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  2. FredC

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    Does it speed up after the first load? ie. if you refresh after the first load, does it work much faster?
  3. Thanks for the reply. To answer your question, I'm afraid not. It's still quite slow on subsequent reloads/refresh
  4. I have the same problem! have you find a solution

    I have the same problem! have you find a solution?

    dnn 6.4 incredibly slow!!!!

  5. DNN consumes lots of memory, if your account is on basic (100MB memory application) and the application pool recycles because of memory usage went over 100MB (new worker process re-spawn and causing page to re-compile) this could give the impression your DNN site running slow (everytime it loads count as initial load; recompile, etc).

    Please open a support ticket so we can check server's log and confirm.

    If this is the case then try to upsize your account to Max/ultimate that allows more memory allocation
  6. The solution, such as it is, is to throw huge amounts of memory at DNN, and that is not usually something you can do in a shared hosting account. As Allegro13 pointed out, you can get more memory on a Winhost Max or Ultimate plan, but ultimately, DNN may not be the best choice for a site that isn't on a VPS or dedicated server.
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  7. i'm on the MAX plan and it takes approximately 7-10 seconds to load as well.
    i'm using DNN 7.0.3 on 2008 server and 2008 R2 MS SQL.

    i noticed the original post was almost a year ago.
    any updates on this topic related to speed improvement?
    i like the features, intuitive CP and support of Winhost and like to give my money to them.

    any plan for VPS or dedicated server?
  8. ComputerMan

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    No plans to a VPS or dedicated servers. We are only a shared hosting company.

    Have you try going on the Ultimate plan? On the Ultimate plan we provide you with 300 MB of Ram memory for your application pool.

    On the Max plan you're provided with 200 MB of ram memory to the application pool.

    Some other users have reported positive outcomes when upgrading to the Ultimate plan when using DNN.

    To learn how to upgrade your hosting account please read our knowledge base article here:
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  9. i will try SSL with MAX next week.
    if the speed unacceptabe, will test ULTIMATE and SSL.

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