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  1. This is my initial installation of DNN 5.4.1 CE.

    I followed the steps from here. However, I'm getting a "Runtime Error" when I go to the DNN directory.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  2. Ray


    Try turning off your custom error. When I pull up your site I cannot see the true error message.
  3. Are you assuming that I "turned on" a custom error? I only made the specified changes to the web.config.

    How would I do this?
  4. I believe the error was due to extra characters in the line after the connection string.

    However, now I receive a Permissions error, which I'm not sure I have control over. Here's the new error message:

    I'm certain that I entered the SQL DB password correctly.
  5. Ray


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  6. I tired both Full and High, but it's at the same error. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I will also try the DotNetNuke forums, and see if anyone else has come across this.

    Thanks for trying, Ray.
  7. Ray


    I've seen this happened before where the changes to the trust level don't set on the server. Try changing the trust level again in your applications web.config file. Make sure it is the correct web.config file. Sometimes custoemrs have more then one web application running and they are modifying the wrong application web.config file. Save the web.config file and close it and then go to your Winhost control panel and recycle the application pool.
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  8. Alright. I just did that.

    I found a thread here where the solution was "the account setting on the application pool". Does that make sense to you?

    Note: This is my first, and only, attempt with 5.4.1 CE and I only have the one web.config file.
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  9. Ray


    The link talks about the ASPNet IUSR. Your ASPNet IUSR should already have the full Read and Write permission on your root and all the folders inside of it.
  10. I believe that's the error that I'm getting.

    Your site failed the permissions check.

    Using Windows Explorer, browse to the root folder of the website ( E:\web\aainus00\dnn ). Right-click the folder and select Sharing and Security from the popup menu. Select the Security tab. Add the appropriate User Account and set the Permissions.

    If using Windows 2003, Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 and IIS6 or IIS7

    The NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE User Account must have Read, Write, and Change Control of the virtual root of your Website."

    Would you like me to take screen shots and post them here? Might that help?

    Should I just start over?
  11. ...and now there's this error, too, on the first screen when you go to

    The Auto option has been disabled as the DotNetNuke Application cannot connect to a valid SQL Server database. You can continue to use either of the other two Wizard options and configure the Database settings at the appropriate Wizard step.
  12. Ray


    No I just checked the server and your account and it does have the correct permission setup on it.
    I know its hard to believe and this error is so misleading but from everything other customers have encountered this is a trust level issue and not a NTFS permission issue.
    Try using IIS 7 manager to update the Trust Level settings. Sometimes that will work.
    But in any case it is not a NTFS issue.
  13. I really appreciate your time and effort on this, but you're saying that others have had this issue? I appreciate the "How to Install DNN" KB, but maybe, you could have warned us about these potential issues.

    I can't believe that I have to install IIS 7 Manager to adjust Trust Levels... and it only 'might' work.

    I'm sure you can tell the frustration that I'm having with this. The fun has definitely worn off with this. :mad:

    I"m not pissed at you. I'm very happy that you're there. I'm just pissed about this situation, and the time that I've wasted.
  14. Ray


    I've been trying to narrow down the cause of this and I have informed some our developers about this. The problem is that I can't replicate it on the spot. Its a hit and miss thing so putting it on the KB article will be very misleading. Until I can find an official entry on the record or Microsoft themselves writes something about it, I can only base it from my experience and some of the customers experience. But it wouldn't be official.

    Try looking at these other postings to validate what I am stating.
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  15. It works! My inexperience with the web.config definitely shows... and is embarassing. :rolleyes:

    It turns out that the "Trust Level" was commented out from the line above and the line below it. I only changed the word 'Medium' to 'High' and re-posted the file.

    <!-- set code access security trust level - this is generally set in the machine.config
    <trust level="Medium" originUrl=".*" />


    By removing the lines above and below, and changing the "Medium" to "High", allowed the application to install. I would suggest adding the "Trust Level" modification to the "How to..." KB article.

    The "Auto" install was still disabled, but the "Typical" installation worked.

    Thanks for the all your help, Ray. It's nice to know that someone from Winhost had my back on this.
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