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    > Domains Per Site: Unlimited

    We have a question about your "domains per site" feature.

    If we own 3 domains... can we set them up totally independently?

    Separate email
    Separate FTP
    Separate MS SQL
    Separate everything
    (as long as our totals don't exceed any space, bandwidth, db limits, of

    All under a single $5/mo purchase.
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    You can host many web sites in one account. You would add the domains as domain pointers. We point domain pointers to the root. Then you can redirect the domains to any subfolder with your code.

    But there are some drawbacks to this. You don't get separate email, you do get email aliases so you can pick up the email with the main domain of the Site. You can set up 5 ftp users. With the Basic plan you get one sql database. All web sites run in one shared app pool and all the resources are shared.

    If you want to have each domain in their own isolated app pool, email service, separate stats, full set of tools, then you would sign the domain up as separate Sites either as the Basic or Max plan. There is an order form in the Control panel.
  3. How do you do this please? Haven't come across this before.
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  5. Thanks for the reply Ray. I will give that a try.

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