Domain pointers and my poor ability to read directions

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  1. Okay, so here goes:

    I had a hosting account for It works great. I love it.

    Then I wanted to test a project at I registered a whole new account on Winhost for

    Then I realized I could use a Domain Pointer to point to and just sort things out with headers. It's just a testing site after all, not a big deal.

    So I deleted's hosting account.

    Then I went to and tried to add a Domain Pointer for to point to But here's the problem: it says is already hosted with which it was, but I cancelled it.

    And now here's the question: how long do I have to wait until's hosting account is really, really gone and I can set a pointer for to go to

    Does that make any sense? :)
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  2. Ray


    Actually when you cancel a site it does not cancel it right away. Basically it will wait for the renewal date and not renew it. Since you paid for the month, you will get a whole months worth of that account. But if you want the cancellation processed rightaway then I suggest you open a ticket to our billing department and they can manaully do it for you.
  3. Makes sense. Thanks!

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