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  1. Instead of starting a new thread I thought I be nice and try to place my concern here......

    Some "company" I got my domain name through ( isn't responding to my requests to free it up and allow me to move it to
    either Winhost's control or even go daddy. I just want all my domain names under the same company and obviously I don't want to deal with this company anymore..

    What can I do to get them to let go of my domain name Its MINE after all !!!

    I apologize but this is becoming a pertinent concern for me. I need to start some work on all of my domains but I want this cleared up first.
    I assuredly will be using Winhost so any help is greatly a[appreciated.

    Thank you
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  2. I'm afraid that it isn't possible to "force" a registrar to release a domain name, or to transfer it somehow without their involvement. That's by design, to protect domain registrations. But that protection works against you when the registrar is unresponsive or going under.

    If they aren't responding to your transfer requests your only recourse is to file a complaint with ICANN.
  3. thank you sir since you are Winhost staff lets try this.

    I have and through go daddy
    and through

    Can Winhost get my * & * sites under their (our) control and then jump on the .NET one when it becomes available

    please & thank you
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  4. You can transfer your .com to us, but I'm afraid that we can't accept incoming transfers for .mobi domains.

    If by "jump on the .NET when it becomes available" you mean that you plan to let it expire and then re-register it, I would strongly advise you not to do that. I don't know what your .net domain name is, but if it gets any traffic at all it's likely that it will be registered by someone else the minute it becomes available (no exaggeration - it might not even last a minute) and you'll never have a chance to re-register it.

    For what it's worth, is not a domain registrar, they are a reseller. So you might want to see if you can find out who the registrar actually is and see if they can help you get a response from
  5. Any other ideas -- heres the summary and whats with the .mobi

    Domain status: clientDeleteProhibited

    Registrar: DOMAIN.COM, LLC
    Whois Server:
    Creation Date: 11-JAN-2006
    Updated Date: 03-JAN-2013
    Expiration Date: 11-JAN-2014
  6. Addendum DOMAIN.COM, released it post haste so Am I gonna be charged to transfer it to Winhost
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  7. There you go. Glad you worked it out.

    There is not a charge to transfer a domain in, but you do have to pay at least one year's registration fee to transfer. That's an ICANN rule, so it's the same everywhere.

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