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  1. I am looking to move a couple of my locally hosted sites to your service.
    These are some of my smaller ones that I was running on my home server, but I am looking to get rid of my static IP from COMCRAP, and save about $40 a month.

    Are you similar to DiscountASP (whom I have used since they started up many moons ago), where the account names are tied to the domain name?

    I pitched the idea to DiscountASP early on, and they eventually implemented it, a single login where I can maintain all my accounts. Made it a LOT easier maintain things and retrieve account specific logins when necessary (hence I could make the account passwords VERY strong, while only having to remember 1 single login/password)

    Do you have that available? A Master Account structure?

    Lastly, for one of my sites I am fighting with the owner of the old site. The domain name is in his name, and he just auto-renewed the domain yesterday. While I am working out the ownership details, am I correct in that I can assign multiple domain names to one account? So say if I setup with and when I get the address, I can just assign it?
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    We are a different company than DiscountASP. Our control panel is different from theirs. We basically have two sections to our control panel. One is the control panel itself, where you will have one control panel login. This is typically a numeric login. The second section is the site account, where you can navigate to the Site Info Manager and manage the sites features. In one Winhost account you can have several Site accounts. You will first need to open a Winhost account before you can even start registering a Site account.
    You may want to look at our demo page so you can get a better understanding on how our control panel works.

    Now, we also have domain pointer features, and this is a free feature already included on the Winhost account. You can add as many additional domain name to point to your Site. But IIS 7 or IIS in general does not have the ability to specifically point these additional domain names to there own root or subfolder, so you will need to use the IIS 7 URL Rewrite module to get these domain pointers to point to a specific folder or web page.

    If you register these additional domain names as there own site account then they will have there own root folder to point to.
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  3. Thanks.

    I did know that you guys are different companies, just using them as a comparison point.

    The demo looks good, and I think I will be able to manage.

    As for the multiple domains, they are just going to be multiple domains to the same root, so I am okay without the need to go to a subfolder (until I install DNN)

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