Does anyone know how to limit who can access files on my site?

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  1. If I have video files somewhere on my site and someone finds out where they are then they can play them without my knowledge and consume all of my "streaming quota".

    If I can tell the server to only allow my web site and one other to access these files that would be great.
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    Put this file in the folders 'Bin', or 'App_data', or 'App_code', or '_databse'. These folders have special permissions in them that will not allow a browser to directly access them.
  3. I tried App_data but then my silverlight media player can't see it.

    I tried putting my wmv files in Clientbin but then they are visible to Windows Media Player.

    It would be nice if there was something line the clientaccesspolicy.xml file.
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    What is the error message your silver light application displays when you put the wmv files in App_data folder?
  5. When I connect a Uri to the MediaElement source I have two choices: absolute or relative address.

    Relative means relative to ClientBin

    If I try absolute I get an http 404.
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    What is the path your code is calling on? Generally speaking absolute path are more commonly used.
  7. @TS

    I think you should access the files in your App_Data folder on the same web application, otherwise it can't be accessed anyway.

    To do this, on the same web application, there must be a component that can access the App_Data privately and this component must be available to your silverlight application.
  8. You could also setup membership and roles on your web application and force a login to view them. If you setup a role (admin, for example) and add yourself to it, you can restrict access in your web.config to only that role.
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