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    Will I be able to load web site files up and view on-line before I transfer/point my domain to a new account? I.e. do I get a 'free' domain like e.g.
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    We provide you with a secondary ftp address and a secondary url. This information is displayed in the control panel.
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    Yes you can. You simply use the secondary URL to view your webpages on our server and the secondary FTP address to load your web pages up on our servers.
  4. or you can simply get a free domain name and link it to the account.
  5. Ray


    I really don't know if there are domain names that are free, but I guess you can go this route. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. well i know of idk if there any others :)

    I don't use it though so i am not sure of it's limitations if some do exist.

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