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    There are 2 default setting that should be in place even before your costumer see his or her DNS Account

    There should be a A record for SmarterStats. My suggestions are

    1. stats.yourdomain.com
    2. seo.yourdomain.com
    3. statistics.yourdomain.com

    You can choose the name of your own A record but the IP has to be

    The MX record should be pointed to the A record of mail.yourdomain.com instead of m01.internetmailserver.net.

    This makes the costumer feels that his or her domain is the primary domain for everything. In reality we know thats not true. But it might make them feel better about your little startup business.

    Are you planning to upgrade to the current version of SmarterStats 5.1 from 4.0. Version 5.1 has a great keywords tools. I personally have SmarterStats 5.1 Professional Edition 250 users.



    I still think Net Another Forum open source web application is better than this oprn source forum web application. YAF has couple more features than this php application. Both applications are free

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  2. I wouldn't recommend that. Anyone who knows how to dig an MX record is going to know where their site is hosted anyway, so you are just inviting email problems by doing that. Not to say that it won't work, but the potential is there for target mail servers to reject mail coming from your domain name.

    This is not an open source forum program, and the management features of YAF do not come anywhere near the management features available for vBulletin.

    I understand that some people would prefer to see a .NET forum being used by a .NET/Windows host, but we investigated all of the .NET forum options and they simply do not measure up.
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    I think not sir I ran both I ran this application about 18 monts ago and the features of YAF has more features than this application.

    YAF has a better way of showing the imiages. This applications requires a hyperlink to show a image. The images in YAF is stored in a database. Avatars, this application requires you to upload a costrom Avatar. YAF has over 300 pre-made avatars or you can upload a costom avatar. In YAF you can earn ribbons or can be given metals. In YAF you can move up in rank by making posts and if the user thank you. The Thank You will show right below your avatars along with your rank, metals, and ribbons.

    What this application has is the social network icons like facebook and the PHP Wrap

    I using this forum application as I'm typing out this post. I have YAF up and running. I don't have Administration Priviliage to this application so I can't evaluate this application as a administrator. So I can''t judge the differents betweem YAF and and this application from a administators point.

    I think you might need a refresher course in Costomer relations and DNS Best Practices. I'm giving you good sound advice as a costomer helping his vendor in making there services better. It appears that you think your way is the only way and the correct way. In this case it not the correct way.

    You as a business have to hide your vendors from your costomers. So they will not cut you out and get the services from your vendor. So thats the reason why you should use the MX record to point to the mail.yourdomain.com. You are right a smart person can find out who runs your IIS Server and mail Server. Most of your costomers doesn't know how to do this. Remember Your costomers pays your bills.

    In this case if you don't agree with the costomer. In the reply post just say thank you for the suggestion, we will look into this futher. Don't make the costomer angry. You have a habit of doing this.
  4. Right. What I said was I have used and tested YAF, as administrator, and this is the clear choice. As an administrator. Everyone has different preferences.

    As for not recommending your DNS changes, in general we do not encourage people to mess around with DNS unless they already know what they are doing.

    But, you know, it's fine that your DNS and forum suggestions are here. And it's fine that mine are here. We are not going to agree on everything. Don't take it personally.

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