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Discussion in 'DNS/Domain names' started by Sultan Al Sooz, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. hi,

    i understand that Winhost does not have the domain transfer option available.

    therefore is it possible to wait until my domain, which was not purchased from Winhost, to expires next year, and once expired i can purchase it back from Winhost, using the order new domain option ? (since it will be available for purchase from anywhere after it expires, i think !? )

    it is a .com, purchased from m6.net, managed by me using domreg-m6.net website, originated from enom.com registrar, and i am using Winhost as the hosting provider for the website content.

    i would like to have a centralized point to manage everything regarding my website.

    i hope that there will be no restriction on the domain once it expires, like being locked or parked by the registrar !?

    appreciate any help regarding this matter, and my apologies if the same matter was discussed in other threads which i have not came across.

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  2. FredC

    FredC Winhost Staff

    I don't think you should do that because when the domain expires, it takes a good 60 days before the domain is available for other to register.

    In addition, some registrar will purchase the domain name once it becomes available.

    I recommend you transfer it to a domain registrar or keep it at M6.
  3. Ray


    Once it is open to the public then we should be able to register it for you on your behalf, but I highly suggest you do not do this. I know it can be convenient to have both the domain name registration and web hosting under one invoice but you maybe taking a big risk in doing this. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to register the domain name before someone else does. Remember there are individuals out there that do nothing but wait around and snatch up expired domain names. They resell it back to the original owner for a much higher price.
  4. i will take your advice and leave it the way it is. after looking at what was written in this thread, i guess the risk is just too high.

    many thanks for your help and quick replies :)

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