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  1. HI Guys.

    When I am trying to view my web page (www.smartly.co.il) by using the secondary address (http://m03.internetmailserver.net) the web site work perfectly.

    Base on the Winhost initial mail, I changed the DNS server name to

    Since then when I am trying to ping to my website (www.smartly.co.il) I am getting replay from, but when I am trying to see the web page I am getting error 500 and I cannot see my web page.

    I will appreciate any help since my web site is suspended
    Thanks In advance
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  2. Hi. Your site is coming up okay for me. It could be that you have a DNS or browser cache that is still pointing you the old location. It can take a bit of time for those name server changes to propagate everywhere.
  3. Hi, Hank.
    Thanks for answer.

    Yes, you have been hosted by the old server ( and not by Winhost server;as result of deploy DNS changes, I am sending this request as result I am afraid about the new host server is not working well for my site…

    When I am checking the web side on Winhost server by using the secondary DNS name "http://smartlyc.w01.Winhost.com", the web site is working well

    However when I am using “ns1.Winhost.com” DNS server I am getting resolve IP “” and then the web page does not work.

    Is there any SLA for resolve ticket? I am asking this because I see that it is taking too long time to resolve failure by using mail discussion and this web site is critical for me….? is there any online metode link chat...?

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  4. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    If the secondary url is working then our service is working. DNS caching issues are outside of any webhost's control. It can take about 2-3 days for the internet to work itself out over dns updates.
  5. HI,
    So we are more tham 40 Hours after :-(....
    The DNS migration has been complete; all resolve IP point to your server but the same failure appear!!!

    The secondary URL working well ... but the web site is not working:mad:

    What do I need to do in effort someone really will try to check the issue and not just telling me to wait?
  6. Sorry, I mean 60 Hours and not 40 Hr...
  7. Ray


    You better check with your registrar again. I looked at two different whois records and both show that smartly.co.il is still using...

    DNS Servers:

    as the DNS servers and not Winhost.


    When I ping smartly.co.il on my end it is not resolving to our web server but to an IP address I do not recognize.

    C:\>ping smartly.co.il

    Pinging smartly.co.il [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Request timed out.
    Request timed out.
    Request timed out.
    Request timed out.

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),



    Name: niraze.bb.netvision.net.il

    You'll need to contact your registrar again and make sure they update the name servers to...

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  8. Yes, you are absolutely right, after ~ 60 hours of web outage I made this change ( in effort to terminated this “saga” by routing traffic to my old sweaty server…
    I am no longer able to support this sort of supporting service; it is not suitable for hosting business application,
    Hope the manager of this company will understand and think about “Online” service even base on payment; it is not sane debugging failure by mails with 1-4 hours of each interval!!!
    Hope, in next 2-3 days the DNS update will be completes and I will cancel my subscription at Winhost.

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  9. I wish to send my deep thanks to all of you...

  10. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Our hosting platform was set up and working. The secondary url/ftp was working fine. You stated so yourself in the previous response.

    To resolve the domain to our location, the customer must update their domain name server. We can't do this step for you. Only the domain owner can do this.

    The DNS update is one thing that needs to happen and then you have to wait for the new dns info to propogate through the internet. It can take a few days. Some ISPs update their local DNS fast while others may take some time.

    Also, if you mess up the dns update or keep messing with it, then you will continually have issues with DNS caching.

    The DNS update and DNS caching is not something that Winhost has any control over. You can keep blaming us but you are blaming the wrong entity. We can't provide an SLA on something we have no control over. No host can offer that.
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  11. HI Curtis.
    Please understand, I am not “blaming you or Winhost” !
    All I said is, your provided service is not suitable for my needs, in case I needed to host “good will” website, I will defiantly chose your services as result of great package with wonderful prices.
    However in case of hosting “Business” website I doubt.
    Winhost support time frame is unacceptable for “Run time system”, it is not profitable to save some dollars and when there is a failure the web site is of order for long investigation process, in my case it was around 2.5 days
    Please understand that it is not related what was the root cause of the failure (My side or your side), debugging system by using mails thread with long intervals of hours between each answer is not sane for “Business” website!!!
    Hope, the company will understand and think about finding “Online” service solution, Personally, I would be ready to pay on it additional payment…

  12. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    I'm not sure what the expectation is. We host many personal and business websites here.

    We answered your questions and there was a need to update the domain name servers to resolve the domain to Winhost. This is a step that must be done by the customer and there is an unknown dns caching period that must pass before the domain is fully resolving to our location. This is just an inherent part of the internet. This is something that cannot be expedited by Winhost. From what I can see, there was also a mistake in the dns entry initially which needed to be corrected adding delay to the dns issue.

    We investigated the inquiry and responded that there was a DNS issue. The investigation did not take 2.5 days. No support/sales ticket was unanswered during new years. We also responded to these forum posts on new years.

    If we told you that there was a dns issue over the phone or through chat, it would not change the dns issue or expedite its resolution. The bottom line is that everyone who updates DNS has to wait through the DNS caching period.
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