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Discussion in 'DNS/Domain names' started by sterlingprm, May 24, 2010.

  1. I currently have a domain with Winhost but have an entire site and database setup on my 1&1 server. Without transferring away from Winhost I want to point the domain to 1&1's NS.

    I looked through the Winhost DNS Options and don't see where I should put the NS1 and NS2 details from 1&1 to point to their host. I did change the IP address to my 1&1 server, which appeared to be the only option. Is this enough?
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  2. You looked in the domains options too - not only the DNS options ?
  3. Ray


    If you have a domain name with 1&1, then the name server setting will be on 1&1 not on Winhost. Changing the name servers is done on the registrar level where the domain name was registered with.
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  4. Since we don't know your domain and can't look it up it's difficult to say what you should do. But if it's the same as your forum username, that domain already points to 1&1, so nothing you do in the DNS manager here is going to have any effect.

    In order for the DNS manager here to work the name servers have to point to Winhost. And Ray is correct, you change the name servers at the registrar.
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