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  1. Hi,

    I have been on the DotNetNuke website trying to debug this for almost a month now, and have exhausted all possibilities.

    I have uploaded my DotNetNuke application to the root directory of my site (which is where I want it to be). And it seems that the site is not talking to the database (as it is appearing with the install wizard as opposed to my home page).

    I have set the trust level to Full, I have added the correct portal alias to the database (to access radasoftware.com). I have entered the correct connection string as per http://support.Winhost.com/KB/a654/how-to-install-dotnetnuke-5x-on-Winhost-servers.aspx

    I have uploaded and restored from the database backup etc. I have exhausted my options, and according to DNN experts, the problem is still that the application cannot see the database.

    I have tried contacting support, but somehow they don't even see the same thing I see when I try to connect, and instead they pointed me here.

    Can somebody from Winhost who has access, please check what is going on, because I don't have access, the task is impossible for me.

    Thank you in advance.
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  2. Ray


    Do you have a URL where we can see the error message?

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