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  1. As I understand you and DiscountAsp are located on the same server and are using the same tools. I expect your service should be the same good.

    You are a new host provider that is very similar to DiscountAsp yet, twice cheaper. If you are not the same company you are direct their competitor. Since your and their locations are the same, is there any chance that they may cut (legally or illegal) your service and all your customers?
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    Yes, our servers are in the same location as discountasp since we colo at the same datacenter. Our infrastructure uptime should be just as good as discountasp's.

    However, we are not the same as discountasp. We have different features and different control panels..etc. You can check out both websites and check for yourself.

    Host Collective, Inc, the parent company of discountasp, is a consultant of ours. So no, there is no chance of Winhost getting cut off. When we grow, we may or may not move out of Host Collective's datacenter. Depends on what the costs and benefits are.
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    I've been with DiscountAsp for more than a year and I’m pretty satisfied with their performance. I think I’ll try your service for a month and then may post my thought about you here. The question is: if I like your service is it easy to go from monthly to yearly payment plan?
  4. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    we only run month to month. but you can prepay if you want. contact our billing department for details after you sign up.
  5. DiscountASP provides SQL Server 2008 for a Add-on, that's why I move here.

    Actually, I sign up a discountasp account yesterday because of their big sales, but after login to the control panel, I found that my host cannot setup database, All the SQL Server options (2005/2008) are Add-on and they cost 10$/mo, which means another 120/year, plus sales host price, totally is 180/year. However, if you renew your account and your plan, sales may not be kept, so $120/year+$120/year+$20/year(this is for domain) = $260/year.

    Addition, I tried to find if they support MySQL or other DBMS, but they do not. So, that's mean, you do not have choose, you have to accept $120/year for your SQL Server database... I believe this is ridiculous.

    I admit that I should watch carefully before I sing up, this is my fault. I just mean they should provide database support in their plan at least, rather than forcing you pay extra cost. Well, at least support MySQL, it is free (or cheap) after all.

    Then, I canceled my account after 1 hour of sign up...and move here, at least Winhost provide Database support within their plan. It is enough for my requirement.
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    Right that's why DiscountASP had to create this other company in order to offer cheaper stuff as no one wants to pay for anything anymore.

  7. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Like we've stated before, discountasp and Winhost are two different companies. Host Collective, Inc, the parent company of discountasp, is a consultant of ours. That's the connection between us and discountasp.

    discountasp is doing their own thing and we are doing our own thing here too. The customer is free to choose the host that is right for their site.
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