Deploying ASP.NET Core 1.0 App

Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by Arek, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. I created the default app that comes with VS2015 and .NET Core 1.0.

    Unfortunately I cannot for the sake of me deploy successfully to WINHOST...

    I have the MAX account and I created the win.config for multiple websites.

    In the /code subfolder I want to install the default application as a test case.

    When I build it in VS2015 and publish it I get a folder with bunch of stuff and many DLLs.

    When I launch it in a browser I get

    HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure

    Can anybody point me in the right direction how to publish the website so that it works on WINHOST environment?

  2. It seems I found the problem...

    It's the URL rewriting in web.config in the root...

    Can't have that at that moment just yet.

    When I have subfolders the page works fine.

    Just a F.Y.I.

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  3. Thanks for posting the follow-up Arek, that will undoubtedly save someone a bit of frustration.

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