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  1. Is How do I deploy a Visual Studio 2013 Web Application Project to a Winhost Server using Web Deploy or FTP? still valid? Plesk can provide a publishing profile that we can import into Visual Studio instead of having to fill in the configuration. I don't mind reading the article and filling in the configuration if that is all that we need to do to get Web Deploy to work but Microsoft certainly has attempted to make the manual configuration unnecessary.

    You WinHost people sure seem to be technically capable and that is encouraging but if you have been unable to set up Plesk (or something else) to provide a publishing profile then that is disappointing.
  2. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Yes, it is still valid. The publishing profile is available as a download link in our Control Panel. All you need to enter is your password after you import the profile.
  3. I apologize. I was confused. I did extensive research in your forums and articles a few months ago and did not find that article. I should have read that article better before posting this.

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