deleting files from ftp takes very long time ?

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  1. Hi, i have uploaded my project to my server it has about 4000 files, uploading them with filezilla took about 3 hours, later on when i wanted deleted them all deleting process took about 6 hours, why deleting speed is too low ? how can i make it shorter ? please help me, i dont want to wait long time for deleting files.
  2. i want to add this also in too my problems, if the uploading file size is large like 1mb or 10 or 15mb , 70% of the time uplading of that file is failing. so i need to try re-uploading. i have a 17mb of database file i still did not succeed uploading it too server.
    im using windows xp 32 bit, filezilla, and 7mb internet speed in ireland.

    i honestly started to regret buying this service.
  3. it must be something wrong with your internet connection because i love the ftp and http speed with Winhost.
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  4. I also haven't had any problems with ftp speeds up or down. In fact, with all the hosts I've had over the years, this is among the fastest.
  5. i have two different hosting with different host also. i dont want to mention there name here. im using filezilla for them too, and dont have problem. that is proof for me that there is nothign wrong with my internet connection. Actual download speed 700kb upload speed 65kb , i know it is slow to but why not that much slow for other host.

    with Winhost , when i connect with filezilla and when i delete a folder whic has about 1000 file under it. it deletes everything one by one. kind of delete one pause , delete next one, pause, delete next one pause delete next one. it takes very long time and im very mad about this issue. also maxing transfer count to 10 with filezilla did not help.
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  6. Why not just use windows explorer to connect to the ftp why use filezilla?
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    Windows Explorer although free is very tempermental with FTP connections. Plus, it does not produce a FTP log which is very important when you are trying to diagnose a FTP problem. You are better off using MS DOS to do your FTP but you'll have to type all the commands in. FileZilla too is sometimes tempermental, but it has a good graphical user interface and it produces a FTP log.
  8. also, when uploading large files it could take time depending on your internet connection.

    you may want to adjust the FTP timeout on your control panel (Winhost)
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    There is no FTP timeout setting on the Winhost control panel. The FTP timeout setting is set on the FTP client itself.
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  10. Also keep in mind there is a lot between your network card and the network card at Winhost. So it may be an issue with the speed somewhere along the route.

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