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  1. How can I delete an E-Mail account.

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    Log into the control panel.

    Click on the Sites tab.

    Click on the site account.

    Click on the Email icon.

    Click on the blue link SmarterMail Manager (That will auto log you into the Smartermail email system as postmaster)

    Click on the "Domain Settings" icon (Looks like a gear icon with a globe symbol)

    Click on Accounts on the left side

    Select the email user and delete them. (Warning! Once deleted we are unable to retrieve the email user and it's email messages. )
  3. How to remove the account in Windows Live Mail?
    Launch Windows Live Mail.
    Right-click your ACCOUNT and then select the “Remove account” option.
    Click on the “Yes” button in the confirmation window.
    Close the Windows Live Mail application then restart your computer.


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