DataWindow Server PBDWN110.DLL or required DLLs not found

Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by mustafa, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. I am trying to evaluate DataWindow .NET 2.5 for my company.
    have got it to work inside Visual Studio 2008 for both Web
    Standalone applications, however when I try to deploy the
    page to our IIS server, I get a message telling me:
    "DataWindow Server PBDWN110.DLL or required DLLs (atl71.dll,
    msvcp71.dll or msvcr71.dll) not found"

    I have tried putting each of these DLLs in the
    Windows\System32 folder, and the BIN folder of my website.
    Neither worked.
    I have tried installing the runtimes on two different
    servers now. The first I tried using the DWPack utility, and
    that server does not respond when I try, the other I have
    tried installing manually and that one returns the error

    Does anyone know how to set up [Web] DataWindow .NET with
    IIS, and/or how to fix the problem described above?
  2. Ray


    Can you verify if DataWindow is Bin deployable? Meaning can you simply upload the necessary DLL's in the Bin folder of your application. If this requires direct installation to the server then I'm afraid we cannot support.

    Bear in mind that we are a shared hosting environment. And to protect all the other sites we host, we cannot install any 3rd party programs directly on the server.

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