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  1. I noticed this post from 2009 and wanted to know if this is still the case:

    If we run out of space, what are our options?

    I have a feeling you are going to say dedicated hosting. I just don't see the justification of renting a dedicated server for 10gb of data on a sql server instance. Seems to be overkill for the price of hard drive space and bandwidths nowadays.
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    Unfortunately it is still the case. If you need more SQL space you simply need to upsize a plan. Technically speaking if you are storing 10 GB of SQL data then most likely your database is busy. If its this busy then you may want to consider dedicated hosting. I know no shared hosting service that will give you 10 GB of SQL data space.
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    well the maximum SQL Database Hosting Disk Space is 2500 MB which is offered under Winhost Ultimate Plan. Since the Website Disk Space is 10000 MB under the same plan, so can we use some extra disk space for SQL database?
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    I'm afraid not. The web servers and SQL servers are two separate hardware. You cannot take the web disk space and place it on the SQL disk space.
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