Current Level of Webmatrix Support?

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  1. What is your current level of Webmatrix Support. I see it mentioned on your webpage, but a search of your Knowledge base for Webmatrix results in no hits, and previous links to an article [] yields a blank entry.

    In particular:
    • Do you support Webmatrix 3?
    • Do you support Web Deploy?
    • Do you support SQL CE4 out of the box, preferably without monkeying around with connection strings?
    I recently bought a plan with a company that advertised support for Webmatrix and Webdeploy and then told me after the fact that they did not have SQL Compact, which is the native database engine for Webmatrix. I'm trying to avoid this sort of thing.

    I'm using Webmatrix to build a website, so we are just talking cshtml, cs, and .sdf files plus default packages and config files.I'm not trying to use Webmatrix to deploy Wordpress or other apps.
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    You can use Webmatrix but note that Microsoft has deprecated it. So Microsoft is no longer supporting it. Microsoft is now pushing developers to use Visual Studio Code.
    Yes, we support Web Deploy.
    Yes, we support SQL CE4 - but we also provide SQL with our hosting, so you may want to use that instead.
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