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    I am trying to set up a site for a client that will need to do credit card processing. Is that possible using Winhost? Can you point me to some articles on how is this done?

    If I cannot implement CC processing, are there any alternatives?

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    Yes this is possible. You'll first need to setup a merchant account and create the web application to handle the credit card processing. Try looking into this Microsoft StarterKit DotShoppingcart. It has ecommerce features which does the credit card processing.
  3. That's kind of a broad subject and there are a lot of different ways to go about it. In general you need a payment gateway (a card processor), and the different gateways have different account and security requirements.

    But technically, on the server side, there is nothing preventing you from doing credit card processing.


    oops, posting at the same time. But yeah, what Ray said too. ;)
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    Thank you

    Thank you for your prompt reply, I'll check the link provided... and be back
  5. for just the online payment requirement, one option is set up a PayPal seller account and use PayPal options to generate purchase buttons to put in your web pages. the purchase workflow itself links to PayPal web pages so you don't have to deal with credit cards at all, it just goes into your acct and links back to a specified page when done.
  6. I'm thinking of switching to Winhost and I'm currently using LinkPoint (aka First Data Global Gateway) and I know that a few things needed to be installed on the webserver before everything would work properly. Do you guys support that?

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  7. Ray


    I'm sorry but because we are a shared hosting environment we cannot install anything on the server because of security, stability, and standardization reasons.
  8. Keep in mind also that you will have to purchase an SSL and get a unique IP. Take those into consideration in your costs.

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