Configuring Winhost with Webmatrix. Please help.

Discussion in 'Databases' started by eric wallen, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Dear Ray or anyone who knows. I am new to Winhost and am having a heck of a time getting webmatrix configured for web deploy. After researching for several hours I realized that some users see a connection string in Winhost under database management. I tried to find this in several browsers just to make sure I wasn't an idiot. Any-who, I tried to plug it all in manually (image attached) with no success. Please take a look at my screen shots and let me know what you think. All help truly appreciated. thanks so much. [​IMG]
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  3. I have seen that article.

    Dear Ray, I currently have a virtual dedicated server that I host all my sites on and am very familiar with FTP. I purchased my hosting with Winhost specifically so that I could use web deploy through webmatrix. Winhost was listed on webmatrix's list of hosting providers that are supposed to be easily configured for web deploy. Also, Winhost posted on their facebook wall that thery were capable of this. So, if I was trying to web deploy a cms that used ms sql 2008 I would have no problems?
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    The server name for your web deploy setting is not correct. You only have

    In the KB article it has.

    https://[web server]

    Try looking at the kb article closely and follow those instructions. And let us know if you are still having problems.
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  5. As you can see from my screen shot connection to the server works with the current settings however I did change them and could not validate a connection. I should have specified in my previous posts that the database is where this is falling off. I also tried using your suggestion in the database info but did not work. You can also see this in screen shot. My previous settings for the server where "" which also obviously did not work. I mention that here so that you dont suggest it in your next post. Thank you for replying, I hope we can work this out.

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    Lets take this one level at a time. Let's first check to see if we can even publish the site first. Once we do that then we can head on to publishing your database. First off your screenshot for webmatrix still only shows This is wrong. Did you read the kb article I sent you? You need to configure your web matrix web deploy that way first.
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    What is the error you are getting when you use web deploy on your web matrix?
  9. The remote sever connection succeeded, but Microsoft WebMatrix cannot access databases.
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    Like I said I don't think web matrix or web deploy has the drivers to directly connect to a MySQL database. What you will need to do is deploy the Wordpress application to our server. Then you should be able to run the installation procedure within wordpress and setup the MySQL database schema so all the objects/tables are created in your database for Wordpress to use.
  11. What you just described sounds a lot like a typical install of a cms. I didn't purchase this hosting to accomplish that. I can do that on my current server.
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    Can you tell me just how you are installing Wordpress with Web Matrix. Are you using the web gallery feature?
  13. Same problem

    Please give me a better solution.
    I want to publish the wordpress via webmatrix on Winhost.

    If this cannot be done, I will claim my Winhost 30day guaranteed return.

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