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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by slimtugo, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I think it would be great if Winhost has dotnetnuke installed by default giving users the option to activate or deactivate it. Am a programmer does not mean i can cope with the stress of download, unzipping changing config files and then reuploading.

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  2. Ray


    But where do we stop? Should we already have Joomla, BlogEngine.Net, WordPress, Kentico, mojoPortal, or Umbraco already installed and ready to go on the servers for the customers? And how about the other .Net web applications that are not really known?
  3. Amara, while I sympathize with the overwhelming stress of all that mouse clicking, it's really not that big a deal to download an application and install it.

    Pre-installing something like DNN would also mean creating a database. What if I'm on the basic plan and only get one database, and I go to use it and all that DNN crap is in there? That's not cool.

    I tend to think that pre-installing anything in a hosting account is a bad idea.

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