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Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by amhed, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I'm running umbraco successfully.

    I recently uploaded some new files into the App_Code folder, basically some data access classes that I use in a custom made user control.

    But I'm getting a compilation error for the linq namespace.

    here's the site:
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  2. Ray


    Did you upload all the necesarry assemblies and components in your applications Bin folder?
  3. Yes, the assembly with the error is System.Data

    The compiler says .net framework 2.0 in the screen. Shouldn't it be saying 3.5?
  4. Ray


    No. That's misleading. .Net 3.5 is essentially an extension of .Net 2.0. It uses the same engine as .Net 2.0 so it will say .Net 2.0 when it throws an error. But to get it to run .Net 3.5 framework is to essentially code for it.
  5. OK then I really don't know why System.Data.Linq is malfunctioning :D
  6. Ray


    What Pipeline mode are you running? Is it Integrated or classic? Have you tried switching between the two as a test?
  7. Got it, was missing some references on the web.config
  8. Ray


    Great to hear it.

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