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  1. Hi i have Cname record and the fields on Winhost show=
    Domain Name, Destination and TTL.

    and the CNmae record from azure looks totally different like so:

    CName: XX3d284d-3fee-46d2-b782-e5f6f21564XX

    Copy this key and create a CName record from to You will have to perform this configuration step on your domain registrar's website

    my azure end point=

    what goes where? thank you.
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  2. Ray


    First you will need to log into your control panel and click on the tab marked Domains. Navigate to the DNS manager for that domain name.
    Click on the Add button next to the CName portion of the DNS manager.

    Type the domain name that will forward to that cname, as an example ''.

    For Destination I suspect it is I don't think it will be...

    CName: XX3d284d-3fee-46d2-b782-e5f6f21564XX

    ...Because cnames are typically a domain name that it will point to. TTL type 3600 this is typically the standard. Try doing that and let us know how it works out. Remember, you may need to wait about an hour for the DNS input to fully set on the system.

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