Checking mail using Outlook Express, anti-virus pop-up

Discussion in 'Email' started by Kaihatsusha, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. i just got worried because I tried to check my mail using Outlook Express. Then, my anti-virus popped the flyout saying, it is connected to [ip-address here]

    i want to confirm this, because if in anyway you guys are not related to, then i should try to find out why i'm getting those signs.

  2. You wouldn't connect to any domain/IP to check mail here. If you see any hostname on mail IPs it should be I'm not sure what you're seeing, because I don't know how you're connecting. I assume it is should resolve to Winhost.

    As for any relationship between the companies, I will also assume you read that here in this forum, which means we've been over it, and any questions you have should be answered in those threads.
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  3. ok.

    i will try to get screenshot.
    I'm connecting mailserver thru outlook express.
    i know it is odd that other company domain is appended,
    that's why I consulted here first.
  4. oh is fixed now

    actually, i tried to connect to the mail server and i kept on getting error,
    but after almost 8 hours of trying, i am able to connect again,
    and there is no more additional hostname after ipaddress.

    i dnt knw previous issues, and cared less about it,
    as long as my mail is secured, day is over
  5. Well, really, nothing is "fixed," because nothing was broken or misconfigured.

    Also to clarify, if you couldn't log in to mail for 8 hours, that was a network or configuration issue on your end (or somewhere between us), not a mail server issue.

    Just want to be clear about everything.

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