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  1. Hi,

    If I take out a subscription with you would I be allowed to run CGI programs written in C# ? They would end in .exe or .com but of course being written in C# they would be managed code using the .net framework so should not pose any threat to the system.

    My online payment callback system needs to call my CGI programs for completing the transaction for my applications.

    I have a website with another company but they seem to have disappeared off the grid, can't get any help and my callback CGI needs to be able to send email which seems to have stopped working. Can't even open a webmail or netmail object, would this also be allowed from Winhost ? I dont' send spam or anything but upon a successful transaction the users key is displayed and emailed to them. For CGI I would need a folder, such as cgi-bin which has the executable permissions set.

    Would this be possible?

    Winhost seems to have fast servers, would everyone agree that the web servers are fast ? Seems fast from here in Southern England.

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Ray


    I'm afraid we neither support CGI or executable files on our shared hosting environment.
  3. Ok, well thank you for your quick reply.
    Now that's what I call support!

    I will look into having the callback script call a .aspx and if that is possible I'll be back.

    Winhost looks great!

    I presume that you support the sending of emails from .aspx pages ?


  4. Too late! I signed up already :)

    I got a reply from my payment gateway provider that I can call .aspx pages from the callback routine.

    Did a little test, no problem sending emails either :) Niiiice !!!

    Thanks guys! Look forward to working with you.

  5. Good to hear it. Enjoy.

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