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Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Tom R, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Hi - I'll preface this request by saying the host I originally signed up with can't seem to manage resolve an issue for me (non-responsive customer support, not a technical difficulty) so I'm looking for a new host.

    For an application I'm buidling, I need all undefined subdomains to be handled by the site on the main domain. I use code similar to the UrlRewriting class described at When a new session begins, the user's subdomain is parsed and the database is checked to see if that value (i.e., account) exists. If it does, then the user receives a login page. Otherwise, they are redirected to a signup page.

    I have set a wildcard A record to direct all traffic to the same IP regardless of subdomain. But on my soon-to-be-dumped host this just gets me to the generic "under construction" page for the web server. Can Winhost handle the final rewrite required to get this functionality working?
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    Dedicated IP required?

    I finally got someone at the host to speak with me and it appears the approach outlined in the code linked in my first post requires a dedicated IP as IIS can't handle wildcard subdomains. Does that sound right? If so, does Winhost offer dedicated IP's?
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    Got it

    Answered my own question...if I sign up for the Max plan and enable SSL then I'll get a dedicated IP.

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