Can't use Windows Explorer as FTP client

Discussion in 'FTP' started by ianmc, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Here's a thing.

    With Windows 7 ultimate I tried to use Windows Explorer as my FTP client just as I've always done in the past by typing in the address like:

    And it straight away opens my default web browser which in this case is Google Chrome, takes me to the site and asks for my login/password.
    I can login and see the files etc. but I don't want to use a browser as I can't then use drag & drop or copy and paste to manipulate files.

    I did a little search on the web and found another way is to first open the site in Internet Explorer then choose the View menu and then View this site in windows explorer but then it says 'this site cannot be viewed in windows explorer' ... yet another way is to go Start > Computer then to right-click on 'Computer' in the left pane and choose 'Add a network location' and follow the wizard where you can specify the location of an FTP site where an example is '' so trying this I put in (remember this works when I login with Chrome) and then I get a messagebox right away without it doing any searching or anything: "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another."

    What is going on? I can ftp using the good old DOS box but I'd rather use Windows Explorer.

    Any ideas?

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  2. You can use good old windows explorer to FTP.

    Simply type in '' in the address bar, it will change automatically to and then prompt you for login info

    It is preferable method to use FTP client which produces log (in case something goes wrong and you need tech support, we will need the log while windows exp does not produce it)
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    From past experiences with FTP I notice that I ran into a lot of issues using Windows Explorer as an FTP Client.

    Since then I stopped using it and started using FTP Programs.

    The one FTP Program I really like to use because it provides you with a lot of options. It also produces any kind of error messages you might find on your end. The FTP program I'm talking about is called FileZilla.

    You can download FileZilla for free here: Download FileZilla

    Then read our knowledge base article on how to Configuring FileZilla to access your web site

    If you have any problems accessing your site. FileZilla will produce the error messages on the Log File. Just give it a try :)
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  4. You are so wrong.

    Windows Explorer is the best ftp client that I have ever used and believe me I have tried them all and I even wrote my own once in PowerBASIC.

    It seems that installing Chrome disables it so that when you type in an ftp address into Windows Explorer it wants to open it in Chrome.

    When you have your site opened using ftp in Windows Explorer it is almost exactly like opening a folder on your computer, you can copy and paste files to it, create new folders, delete etc. no hassle, no extra ftp engine etc.

    I found out how to fix it.
    You can make a new text document and open it in Notepad then paste all of the below lines into it, including the top line 'Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00' and the blank line below it, then you rename your text file to end in .reg I have called mine ftp.reg then double click it to get it to import it into the registry. From then on when you open a new instance of Windows Explorer (I use the shortcut keys Windows Key and E ) you can type in an ftp address like so: then you get a login box and then you're in.

    Try it, you'll never use another ftp client again.


    Oh dear, this forum is putting extra spaces in the text :( Here is a link to the post where you can copy the text:
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  5. Well that's good for you. It doesn't necessarily make others who find it incredibly lacking "so wrong" though. ;)

    But thanks for the info for anyone who does want to use it.
  6. Hello,

    I use Windows Explorer 9.0 for FTP purposes.

    It seems like no matter what machine I use, the FTP is always very very slow. Even to delete all files on my website, it takes over an hour. I tried many different computers.

    It doesn't seem right that to remove something from a computer that you don't want and don't care what happens to it, that it should take so long.

    Uploading my site takes a little longer, but for some reason I feel that this ftp stuff should move a little quicker.

    Do other people experience the same slowness issue with FTP?

    Do the other FTP clients go faster?

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  7. How big of data you uploading / downloading?

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