Can't upload files from my app: Access to the path 'E:\...' is denied.

Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by Sergio Tapia, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to upload a file to a path in my web application and I get this error:

    I've run into this error before when working on dedicated hosting and I would just have to right click the folder and grant write permission a IUsr account and all would be well.

    But I'm using a shared hosting here, so I'm kind of stuck.

    Where do I set write permissions for my folder?

    How do I fix this to allow people to write to a folder within my application?
  2. I see the folder has the appropriate permissions to be able to upload, and I do see you have a file called categoria.png uploaded already. I would recommend naming the file something else, and possibly making sure your application is running full trust also.

    If you're still having this issue, let us know.
  3. Sorry should have said so. Support already handled this for me.
  4. No worries! Glad you got it worked out.
  5. I'm still having the problem. Can't figure out why it does work on my local machine but not online.

    I checked the permissions through Filezilla and it says the directory has full permission. My trust level is also set to 'Full'.

    What else do I have to verify in order to make sure everything is setup properly for uploading files?

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  6. Elshadriel

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    What's the error message you're getting? Did you deploy your site using Web Matrix or Web Deploy by any chance?
  7. What was the solution for this problem? I've got an OData service set up that requires to read a file I've uploaded, but at the moment I'm getting System.UnauthorizedAccessException when trying to read from the file.

    The file has been chmod'd to 777 and I've got Full Trust in my web.config.

    What else do I need to do? How do I grant permission to the App pool's user, to access my file?
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    Also, don't forget to contact the support department so they can reset your ACL permissions.
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