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  1. anyone knows how to do this
    If Customer wishes to cancel Service for any reason, the Customer may log into their Control Panel at and use the Cancellation Request link(where i can find it?) to cancel Service of a particular Site. Cancellations are effective at the end of the current billing period (Cancellation Date). For security and privacy, all customer files, data, and e-mail remaining on Winhost servers after the cancellation date will be destroyed and unrecoverable for security and privacy reasons. It is the Customer's responsibility to backup their files and data and download their e-mail prior to requesting Cancellation. Winhost is not responsible, and Customer agrees to hold Winhost harmless from, any liability or damage that Customer or any third party may sustain, should customer files and data be destroyed after site cancellation."

    i want stop subscribed to Winhost
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    Go to the Site Tab and the Site Manager of the Site you want to cancel. There is a Close Site button on the Site Manager page.
  3. thank you very much

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