Can we install ownCloud on our domain?

Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by Violynne, May 28, 2014.

  1. It requires MySQL and PHP, and that's about it.

    I wanted to ask before I tried an install.

    Thanks. :)
  2. I'm looking at the documentation here:

    While the official documentation states that Remote Desktop Connections are required I do see anything that specifically asks you to install server-side, since we already have IIS with PHP and MySQL set up for you I don't think you will need RDC access so this might work.

    I do see that they are asking you to uncompress the installation package on the server, this will not be possible uncompress it on your own machine and upload it to your hosting space uncompressed.

    Someone else might have already tried it and can give us their opinion, but it looks like it should be compatible.
  3. I'll definitely do some more research on this. It looks "simple" enough, but I need to ensure this will work on a hosting platform. In some examples, I've seen Apache was required, and others, not. If it requires Apache, I won't install it. I don't need two systems conflicting with each other.

    I had just assumed with PHP and MySQL, the supported PHP install would take care of the rest.

    Time to send out a few emails to ask if anyone's done this.

    Thanks for the response. :)

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