Can password be protected when deploying through Visual Studio?

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  1. Hi all,
    So far in the Winhost KB articles, all I see is that all you can use when deploying your web sites is FTP. Since the FTP password is sent via plaintext, I want to avoid that. I do see that some FTP clients can be used to do FTP over SSL on Winhost. So, is the recommendation to deploy my web applications by hand and not through Visual Studio, if I want to protect the FTP password?

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  2. Ray


    Actually you have a couple options available to you. One is to use FTP over SSL. Try looking at this link for some guidelines on how to setup different FTP clients to use FTP over SSL.

    The second is using web deploy. Try looking at this kb article for instructions on how to configure your VS 2010 to use web deploy.

    Now we have verified an issue with web deploy where your roots ACL is altered leaving some unforeseen consequence. To resolve this issue you will need to apply these steps before you use web deploy.

    To prevent web deploy from altering the ACL on your account you will need to navigate to your project folder and find the project file. It will end with the extension .vbproj for applications written in Visual Basic or .csproj for applications written in C #. In the project file add this element in the section...

    <propertygroup condition=" '$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Release|AnyCPU' "></propertygroup>

    ...the line to add before the </propertygroup> tag is...


    If you have already published your site using web deploy, we will have to reset your ACL to its default state so that your applications ASPNet IUSR will have the proper permissions. Please bear in mind if you do not incorporate these modifications in your project file, the next time you publish web deploy your applications root direct ACL will be set to Read only and your App_Data folder will have Read and Write only permission.

    Deploying through FTP does not affect the accounts ACL on the server.
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  3. Ray,

    Wouldn't the information on the "ACL" issue/fix be useful on Winhost's how-to Knowledge Base article on deploying with web deploy? It might help people before they get themselves into trouble.

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  4. Ray


    Thanks for that suggestion. We are in the process of creating a kb for it now, we just want to test it as thoroughly as possible so that we did not miss any steps. But once our manager approves it, the information should be available to our customers on the kb article.

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