Can I connect to a SQL database through a C# application?

Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Guest, Oct 6, 2010.

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    before I purchase...

    I am not asking for help on achieving this (yet, anyway... :p)

    but for my final year project at university I will be working on a C# desktop application (NOT an web app) which will store data in a SQL database, but I want to use a database that I will be putting online with my Winhost hosting...

    can this be done?

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  2. Ray


    Yes, you can create a desktop application using what ever language you want and connect to our SQL Server. As long as you pass the correct connection string with the correct DB login it should not be a problem. But keep in mind we do not offer SQL hosting only, you need to purchase the full Site Hosting which will offer database service, email service, and web service. Since you are just testing this out try choosing the basic package first. You can upsize later if you need to.
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    Thanks Rav, I will definetely be joining up for hosting as soon as I need to, at the minute I am in the planning phase of the project, and therefore will not need it for possibly, another month or so. So signing up right now would be a waste of project resources...

    I appreciate the suggestion on going for the smaller hosting package first, honesty goes a long way, some hosts will sell you anything!

    I will be returning here soon enough then :)

  4. Can you specify what kind of application you are thinking of hosting on our servers?
  5. Ray


    All these are supported. Are you getting some kind of error?
  6. Net. winhost for college

    I've an issue with my C# desktop application (it's a clone of the web application which I wrote for my college project several months ago). The database normally works fine with the web application, but it an error occurs each time I try to install the desktop application >> ... error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server
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    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Check to make sure you have the right connection string and that port 1433 is not blocked by your firewall.

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